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Spring Miscellaneous


All excellent varieties for naturalising.

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Cyclamen Coum x 3
Winter flowering hardy blooms. ..
Starting from £6.00
Cyclamen Hederifolium x 3
With marbled foliage and nodding pink heads these are excellent for naturalising under trees. ..
Starting from £5.00
Eranthis Hyemalis x 20
Also know as Winter Aconite - these yellow ground hugging flowers are excellent for cover. ..
Starting from £8.00
Eremurus Collection x 9
Gentle giants of the garden. 3 of each Pinokkio, Line Dance and Stenophyllus. Individuall..
Starting from £27.50
Eremurus Line Dance x 1
NEW FOR 2017. 100's of tiny white flowers on majestic stems. ..
Starting from £6.00
Eremurus Pinokkio x 3
NEW FOR 2017. Tall magnificent spires of peach/orange. ..
Starting from £9.00
Eremurus Stenophyllus x 3
Tall yellow feathery flowers. Ideal for the backs of borders. ..
Starting from £7.00
Erythronium Collection x 12
A must for early spring flowers. 3 of each Kondo, Dens-Canis, Pagoda and White Beauty. P&..
Starting from £19.50
Erythronium Dens-Canis x 3
Nodding purple flowers on mottled foliage. ..
Starting from £5.50
Erythronium Kondo x 3
Buttermilk pendant flowers with red spotted centre.  Ideal for shadier spots. ..
Starting from £5.50
Erythronium Pagoda x 3
Little bright yellow flowers. ..
Starting from £3.50
Erythronium White Beauty x 3
Dainty white flowers. ..
Starting from £6.50
Ipheion Alberto Castillo x 10
NEW FOR 2017 ***************** Fragrant dwarf white flowers.  Naturalises well. ..
Starting from £3.50
Ipheion Charlotte Bishop x 10
NEW FOR 2017 ***************** Soft pink star shaped flowers making superb spring ground ..
Starting from £3.35
Ipheion Collection x 60
Plant in a sunny location for early spring colour. Excellent naturalisers for borders and und..
Starting from £17.00