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Geranium x 10
Several scented white and orange blooms on stiff stems. ..
Starting from £7.00
Gold Court x 10
Well formed perianth segments with a neat gold cylindrical corona. ..
Starting from £10.00
Gold Medal x 10
A superb golden trumpet larger than most.  Strong stems. Suitable for exposed garden..
Starting from £10.00
Golden Aura x 10
One of THE best yellows for shows & gardens. Widely overlapping petals and bell crown. ..
Starting from £11.00
Golden Bells x 10
BEST SELLER An improved Bulbocodium Conspicuus.  Very free flowering.  A bo..
Starting from £5.00
Golden Dawn x 10
Starting from £5.00
Golden Echo x 10
Cream white petals with long  yellow crown.  Fragrant. ..
Starting from £8.00
Golden Joy x 10
Excellent sturdy variety.  Very smooth corona and perianth of deep gold. ..
Starting from £10.00
Golden Riot x 10
Late yellow. Well formed perianth segments, neat trumpets.   ..
Starting from £9.00
Gossamer x 10
Very prolific.  Slight reflexed petals with neat lemon cups with pink margin. Ideal ..
Starting from £7.00
Grand Primo x 3
Very strong stems full of highly scented flowers. ..
Starting from £5.00
Green Island x 5
Wide overlapping segments with frilled edge of green/lemon. ..
Starting from £12.00
Harpsichord x 10
Nicely rounded perianth of greenish yellow with light peach pink corona. Excellent all rounde..
Starting from £15.00
Heamoor x 10
Rich golden yellow petaloid segments, slightly darker corona segments. Excellent show and gar..
Starting from £8.00
Hellenicus x 10
Very rare stock.  Wiry stems of neat rounded flowers.  White refelx petals with..
Starting from £15.00