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Corbridge x 10
Thick white petals slightly reflexed.  Crown primrose lemon. Edges slighter darker.&..
Starting from £8.00
Cornish Chuckles x 10
Excellent alternative to Tete-a-tete.  Several yellow/orange flowers per stem.  ..
Starting from £9.00
Cotinga x 10
Ivory white reflexed perianth with flared corona of apricot pink slightly deeper at the rim. ..
Starting from £8.50
Cottage Garden Collection x 40
These quintessential varieties are a must for traditional gardeners. February Gold, Dutch Mas..
Starting from £19.75
Cragford x 10
Very early clusters of scented white/tangerine blooms.  Often pre-christmas if forced. ..
Starting from £7.00
Creation x 5
Exciting all white trumpet with an excellent pedigree of show bench winners as parents.  ..
Starting from £7.50
Curlew x 10
Rare white jonquil.  Up to 3 fragrant flowers per stem. ..
Starting from £7.00
Daffodil Collection A x 20
Specially selected miniature varieties. Tete a tete, Jetfire, Thalia and Minnow. All indi..
Starting from £10.00
Daffodil Collection B x 20
Specially selected miniature varieties suitable for containers or windy spots that need some colo..
Starting from £8.00
Daffodil Collection E x 40 bulbs
SAVE £7.95 ON CATALOGUE PRICE. 10 of each Binkie, Daydream, Avalon and Altun Ha. Individu..
Starting from £32.00
Daffodil Collection F x 40 bulbs
SAVE 25% on catalogue price ! 10 of each Camelot, Beige Beauty, Vulcan and Kilworth. Indi..
Starting from £26.00
Daffodil Collection G x 40 bulbs
SAVE 25% off catalogue price ! 10 of each Manon Lescout, New World, Smiling Sun and Spring Da..
Starting from £29.00
Daffodil Collection H x 40 bulbs
SAVE £7.95 OFF CATALOGUE PRICE 10 of each By Jove, Honeybird, Mount Hood and Pipe Major. ..
Starting from £26.00
Daydream x 10
Rich lemon in flat broad rounded perianths. Bold trumpet crown rapidly turns much paler and e..
Starting from £11.00
Delnashaugh x 10
Two rows of stunning petals with soft pink segments. Ideal for garden borders or the show ben..
Starting from £8.00