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Vernal Prince x 10
NEW FOR 2017 ****************** Large pure white smooth perianth. Deep lemon cup deep..
Starting from £8.00
Victory x 10
Simply stunning smooth rounded white petals with a dark orange corona. ..
Starting from £9.00
Virginia Sunrise x 10
Large creamy white perianth with frilled flat orange-yellow crown.  Very popular. ..
Starting from £8.00
Vivarino x 10
Starting from £8.00
Vulcan x 10
Beautifully groomed, firm flowers of deep gold and dark scarlet. Flat perianth and good sized..
Starting from £7.00
W P Milner x 10
Versatile dainty daffodil ideal for borders and pots.   ..
Starting from £4.50
Warbler x 10
NEW FOR 2017 ********************* Reflexed petals tightly packed so that one thinks ther..
Starting from £10.00
Wave x 10
White perianth , segments slightly reflexed holding a cup filled with yellow and white segme..
Starting from £15.00
Widgeon x 10
Lemon sulphar flat petals with a shell pink crown. ..
Starting from £10.00
Winfrith x 10
Icy white trianglular petals neatly fluted crown of vivid white with dark eye.  Excellen..
Starting from £9.00
Winifred Van Graven x 10
Starting from £6.00
Wisley x 10
Soft very pale lemon petals with deep yellow frilled trumpet. ..
Starting from £7.50
Worcester x 10
Ace of spades petals, marginally reflexed from a noble crown finished with an even serration. ..
Starting from £10.00
Yellow Cheerfulness x 10
Primrose yellow sport of Cheerfulness. ..
Starting from £7.00
Yes Please x 10
Starting from £10.00